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Our Service

We have a system that is producing leads for roofing contractors 24/7. These leads are high intent, produced by surveys all around the country. Our system allows us to plug in desired zip codes to get the leads where and when you want them. These leads are also exclusive, so once a zip code has been taken, it will no longer be available to other roofing contractors.

How Does It Work?

1. You Provide Requirements

Tell us which zip codes you want to service and how many leads you would like to receive.

2. We Set Up Our System

We input your information and desired zip codes into our system.

3. You Start Receiving Leads

 Within 48-72 hours you will begin receiving leads. These leads are high-intent and EXCLUSIVE to you. 

LEADS are Coming In For Your Area

We only sell this service to one roofing contractor per area/zip code to ensure exclusivity.

We're going to sell the leads to someone ... do you want to be the one to receive them? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get me leads in specific zip codes?

Yes! Just tell us which ones you want.

2. Are these leads provided to other roofing contractors in my area?

No! Any leads you receive are EXCLUSIVE to you.

3. How long before I start receiving leads?

It takes 2-3 business days to get you set up in our system and then your leads will start to flow in. 

4. How will I be notified of leads?

You will receive a text message and/or email in real time, so you can contact the leads immediately.

5. Can I set daily/monthly limits on leads? 

Yes, we can place daily and/or monthly limits.

6. Can you set time(s) that leads come in?

Yes, we can specify the times that leads come in. However, be aware that this may affect the quality of leads you receive.

7. How is this different from other services?

Our leads are EXCLUSIVE and will not be given to any other roofing company. The leads are HIGH INTENT and have filled out a survey with information, such as the type of roof they have, if they are looking for repairs or replacement, etc. The leads are also automatically entered into a FOLLOW-UP sequence of texts, emails, and/or voicemails, so they will be expecting your call.

Meet Some Of Our Happy Clients

Satisfying our clients is our number one priority.

"I am impressed with my results. I never expected to get so many leads! In the first hour I got 2 leads! It is very exciting! I spent so much money on other marketing tools, but never got any leads." 

~ Carmen R.

"Great job! You are the first to actually get me a person to talk with in the first 24 hours with realistic needs and goals." 

~ Paul H.

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